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Tips, Guides & Advice

Check in with the Adventure Sports blog to get all the latest news, advice and handy hints about our activities. From in-depth guides on paintball tactics to helpful clothing advice, our blog is full of useful information to make your experience even more amazing.

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How to Organise a Corporate Event

Have you Been Asked to Organise a Corporate Event? We receive many phone calls each week from people who have been tasked arranging a 'company day out' but are really not sure about what to do.

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Activity Guides

Paintball Costs

Paintball costs for full and half day packages including extra paint pellets, smoke grenades and armoured gloves

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Junior Paintball

Junior Paintball is a group activity suitable for anyone aged 8 years old and over. Specially designed guns are used that are lightweight, easy to operate, safe and, most importantly, really great fun to use!

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Activity Guides

Clay Snooker - A Guide

A full guide to clay pigeon snooker, including rules, regulations and how to score 

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Activity Guides

Paintball Clothing Advice

What to Wear When Paintballing The right clothing is really important! The time of year will make a big difference to which clothes you choose. Footwear Footwear is the most important piece of clothing, especially during the winter months, when it's muddy and you really need some good grip.

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Activity Guides

Clay Pigeon Shooting Basics

The sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting involves using a shotgun to shoot at and break a circular flying target made from a fragile material.

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Activity Guides

Paintball Tactics, Advice and Tricks

Get the most out of your Paintball Gun Keep your gun clean. After each game make sure that it is free from any paint or mud: A burst pellet in the barrel will result in really poor accuracy and can even prevent your gun firing.

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Christmas Parties

If you are a bit late organising the office Christmas Party, our Christmas event will be perfect for you. So, why is it better than a pint down the pub?

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Christmas stress? We can help...

Our Experience vouchers can be perfect for a Christmas present. Find out which vouchers are the most suitable and why they were so popular last year...