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A man aiming down a range with a rifle

Pistol & Rifle Shooting Gallery

Adventure Sports' rifle gallery is perfect for air rifle and pistol shooting with traditional paper targets, loads of reactive knockdowns and spinners, and a fun duck shooting gallery too!

  • Precision Shooting
  • Experienced Coaching
  • Safe & Comfortable
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A man aiming a pistol down range

Shooting Gallery

A solid 1 hour session shooting pre-charged pneumatic pistols and rifles in our purpose built covered shooting gallery. Tuition will be provided throughout by an experienced instructor who will ensure a safe positive activity. Start with the pistols shooting traditional paper and reactive knockdown targets over a 6 metre distance.

Then progress on to rifles equipped with telescopic sights. Lots of reactive 'knockdown' targets and Spinners at longer distances (typically 10 - 40 metres).

The climax is a speed competition on our 'duck shoot' -you need to knock down six ducks in the fastest time possible!

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  • Participants must be 10+ years old
  • If any of the group members are aged under 16 years we will need at least two adults to accompany the group
  • The pistol and rifle shooting takes place on our 100 acre outdoor activity centre. The shooting gallery range is covered but you will still be outside for much of the time - you will need to wear suitable outdoor clothing including:

    • Waterproof jacket (hopefully you won't need it, but worth bringing in case the weather turns)

    • Outdoor footwear (no sandals or flip-flops)



  • All year round
  • Bookings must be made in advance

Included in your experience

  • Covered shooting range (great for all weather!)
  • Experienced instructors
  • All your equipment including compulsory safety glasses
  • Tea and coffee

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A close up of a pistol
A close up of a man aiming down a rifle scope

Pistol and rifle shooting

If you'd like to enjoy the excitement of air rifle and air pistol shooting, then you need to come and visit Adventure Sports' fantastic covered rifle shooting range on our 100 acre Warwick site.

You'll start off with air pistols, shooting at paper targets, where your experienced instructor will help you learn all the basics. From there you'll move on to metal knockdown targets, and use our more powerful gas powered rifles with telescopic sights. And then the real competition begins on our purpose built duck shoot! Be the first to knock down six ducks to win!