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Clay Snooker - A Guide

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Clay Pigeon Stack.jpg

Wedgnock CLAY SNOOKER: The Rules

This 25 bird discipline can accommodate up to 5 shooters at a time and follows the colour order and scoring system of snooker.

Seven traps are used to simulate the different coloured balls in snooker – coloured clays may be used if light conditions allow. Points are scoured depending on the colour of the clay.

  • Red = 1 point
  • Yellow = 2
  • Green = 3
  • Brown = 4
  • Blue = 5
  • Pink = 6
  • Black = 7

Shooters remain in the same shooting cage throughout the round.


You all start with a single Red, full use of the gun if needed. After everyone has had their turn at the Red it is onto a single Yellow, followed by Green, Brown, Blue, Pink and finally single Black.

On-Report Pairs

Next are on-report pairs. A Red is thrown followed by a Yellow on-report (the Yellow is released as soon as you take your shot at the Red). After each shooter has shot at this pair it is onto a Red on-report Green pair and so on through the colours.

You must kill the Red to score the points for the colour. If you miss the Red on the first shot you can use your second shot to try to score 1 point. Alternatively shoot at the colour for fun (you won't score any points though as the Red was missed).

Simultaneous Pairs

Finally you have the colours as simultaneous pairs. First pair for everyone is Yellow & Green at the same time. You must take and kill the Yellow first to get the points for the Green if killed. Same applies for the other pairs (Brown & Blue and Pink & Black).

Scores are handed back into the office to be calculated. Straighting the shoot will get you a maximum score of 88.

A monthly score chart will be displayed for all to see.