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Paintball Costs

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Paintball costs

The cost of paintball depends on a lot of different things - and it's important to look not just at the price being charged, but what you get for that price too.

Things to factor in when you're pricing up a paintball session are:

  • How long a session it is
  • How many paintballs you get
  • What equipment is included
  • The cost of upgrades or extra paintballs
  • Any additional perks like food & drink

It's also good to know about other factors, like will there be Marshals to referee and manage the games? What sort of terrain are you playing on - are there features like huts and barricades to navigate? Is this session just for you, or will you be playing with other groups?

And another big thing to consider is how many paintballs you're likely to use yourself. The more paintballs you use, the more your experience is likely to cost. 

So it's good to know if you're a trigger happy paintballer or if you're more of a sniper! 

Open and private paintball sessions

Another big factor in the price of your paintball experience, is whether your booking is just for you and your group, or whether it's an open session with lots of other players.

Paintball Packages

It's quite common for some venues to have different paintball packages, whereas some others will have a fixed price for entry, and then you can add extras on top.

Entry level or beginner paintball packages

Many venues will have a beginner level paintball package, which is an affordable way to give paintball a try without having to buy loads of equipment.

These packages usually DO NOT include paintballs, but do usually include:

  • Camouflage overalls
  • Semi-automatic gun (really easy to operate)
  • Gas propellent for the gun
  • Comfortable, high quality goggles (great protection for your eyes, mouth, ears and forehead)
  • Battle pack ammo belt (carry loads of Paintballs with you out into each game)
  • A set number of games you can play - usually between 5 and 10

These packages usually start at around £10 per person for entry

Paintballs usually come at an extra charge - although it's often cheaper to buy them ahead of time than it is to get them on the day. 

Bulk buying almost always gets you a better price on paintballs, but remember that you'll probably be using around 70-150 paintballs an hour, so bear that in mind when you buy.

Prices for paintball ammunition can come anywhere from £5-£10 per 100.


Full/Half day / 2 Hour paintball packages

As well as entry level paintball options, lots of venues also run half-day, full-day or 2 hour paintball options.

These usually include all the standard equipment, plus a bundle of paintballs.

Typically a half-day package will cost around £35-£50 per person, and include around 300-600 paintballs each.

A full-day package is likely to be around £50-£80 per person, and include around 500-1000 paintballs each.

A 2 hour session is becoming far more common and often have a fixed package price. Typically £240 - £300 for up to 10 people, including a reasonable amount of paint. A concentrated two hour session ensures lots of short, action packed games with little 'down time'.

Paintball Extras

There are other items you may want to include for your paintball experience, and many venues have a list of extras you can add as well as additional paintballs.

This might include:

  • Camouflage Snoods
  • Armoured Gloves 
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Flashbangs
  • Drinks & snacks

Some venues may include some of these in their packages, and costs can vary a lot so it's always good to ask if you're unsure.

How much does paintball cost?

So the biggest factor in the cost of paintball is usually down to the paintball themselves, so it's important to make sure you choose a format or package that's going to get you the most fun for your money!