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Quad Biking

Drive a powerful all-terrain quad bike through 100 acres of challenging countryside with slopes, mud, grassland and picturesque woodland.

  • Action Packed
  • Adrenaline Fuelled
  • Highly Capable Vehicles
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Quad Bike Trekking

Your hour long trek starts with a training session to ensure everyone knows how to ride and control a bike. An undulating countryside stage allows the instructor to judge the trekkers' skill level before proceeding to a suitably challenging route through dense woodland, mud, water and harsh terrain.

The quads are steered using handlebars, accelerated using a thumb throttle and braked using a finger operated lever and/or a foot pedal. There are no gears to worry about and no previous experience is required.

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Riding a Quad Bike

Every participant must be able to confidently steer, brake, change gear and accelerate using these controls, so moderate strength is required. Body weight must also be transferred around the bike to safely ride up and across sloped ground.

Disabled participants are welcome, and go through the same process as every other rider. Occasionally a trekker won't reach the minimum required level of riding ability to continue (around one person in every 50). If this does happen we will refund the participant in full. 

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  • All trekkers must be 16 years old or over, as the quad bikes we use are designed for adults. If you are lucky enough to look younger than 16 you will need to bring along some proof of age.
  • You will need to have an appropriate level of skill for this activity, which will be assessed by your instructor during the initial stages. Occasionally someone won't meet the minimum riding ability (only one in around 50), and if this does happen we will refund that participant in full
  • Participants must all 'sign in' before taking part. The sign in sheet is a two part form. Part one is filled before the participants get on the bike. Part two is signed after an initial training session.
  • There is a reasonable amount of physicality required to ride a Quad Bike in order to manage the controls and maneuverability
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothes - you'll be outside and things could get muddy! Long trousers are essential, and we also advise that you wear long sleeves. You can add Overalls to your booking as an extra if you'd like to protect your clothes - these will be available on the day for £3.50 per set.
  • Suitable, sturdy outdoor footwear/trainers are required (no flip flops or sandals).



Our quad bikes are very capable machines offering electronic gear shift (no clutch to worry about - you just press a button!) great suspension, comfortable riding position, high-grip off-road tyres and are highly controllable.

Everyone wears a specialised ATV crash helmet (just in case!) and gloves to protect hands from passing undergrowth. You are welcome to bring your own helmet as long as it is a modern design, in good condition and is a full face model.

Included in your experience

  • One hour on the quad bikes made up of instruction and trekking time
  • Use of our quad bikes
  • Safety equipment provided (ATV crash helmet and gloves)
  • Full tuition from an experienced instructor



  • All year round
  • Daylight is required, so availability during the winter is more restricted.

  • Weekends tend to be in high demand so standard booking times are used.

  • All quad treks are booked in advance – we don't offer any "turn up and drive" sessions.

  • Bookings must be made in advance


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Quad Biking Warwickshire

Gear up with your mates and prepare for a thrilling ride across the Warwickshire countryside on one of our powerful all-terrain quad bikes. Trek across mud and slopes, fields and woodland taking on everything the course can throw at you!

Your experience includes a qualified instructor who will teach you the basics of riding your quad bike, then lead you on a challenging route across the 100 acre Adventure Sports site.