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Can the weather interrupt your Team Building day?

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It's not often, but sometimes the weather does get the better of us. Sometimes, it can be a bit too wet to have a go at our Unexploded Bomb activity or a bit too windy to try our Poles apart Team Building event. When this happens, we need a backup plan. Fortunately for you, we have one...

We all get that sense of dread and disappointment when we look out of the window in the morning and the weather is extremely bad. This feeling can be made even worse when you realise you've booked in for a day of Team Building with your colleagues at Adventure Sports; it might make you question whether the weather will halt proceedings. Well, we've got something that should ease your worries; and it's called Indoor Team Building!

If you dont like the look of the weather forecast on the day of your Team Building event, give us a call and we'll be able to sort out some other Team Building activities for you to try indoors. Although our standard Team Building activities, such as Poles Apart, Unexploded Bomb and Crossroads, are great fun, they aren't as enjoyable in the pouring rain or freezing cold. 

It is for this reason we have created some Team Building activities which can run in our warm and accomodating Clubhouse area. Just recently we had a Team Building event of fourteen people have a go at our indoor setup because of the poor weather conditions, and they had a fantastic time! 

The activities the group of fourteen had a go at included Leapfrog, Level Crossing, and Get Knotted. Here's how they work;



  • Guests will work as one team for this activity. 
  • There are 13 mats on the floor, with one person standing on each mat, but leaving the middle mat free. 
  • The left side wear Green bibs, and the right side wear Red bibs.
  • The aim is to get the Greens to the opposite side and vice versa. However, each person can only move along one mat or Leapfrog the person in front so long as there is a mat free behind them. 
  • The players can only move in one direction - towards the opposite side. 
  • When a mistake is made (i.e no-one can move) the game is reset.
  • This game can be very difficult and we score the team on how few mistakes they make! To give you an idea, the last team to try this activity made seven mistakes.


Level Crossing - 
  • Guests will be split into two teams.
  • The aim of the game in this activity is to get a tennis ball from a bucket on one side of the room to the other. 
  • Each team has two tubes; just large enough to fit the tennis balls down. The ball has to travel down the tubes to reach the other bucket.
  • Each tube has four handles, and the tube with the ball inside is not allowed to move. (You can only control the tube by using the handles - you arent allowed to touch the tube itself).
  • The team will need to transfer the ball between tubes at least twice to reach the bucket, making it a tough test of teamwork and balance. 
  • For each tennis ball recovered, the team will receive two marshmallows and a piece of spaghetti. Each team must then build the tallest sculpture - whoever does so, wins the game. 


Get Knotted - 

  • Guests will be split into two teams.
  • The aim of this game is to tie a 'Figure 8' knot in a piece of rope. Easy, right? Wrong.
  • When you touch the rope, no matter how you touch it, you are stuck to it and are not allowed to move your hand from the rope. This can make the task infinitely more difficult as you have to manoeuvre around your team mates whilst attempting to perfect the knot.
  • Each team will get a 20 minute practice session to work out a plan.
  • Whoever wins the Level Crossing activity will get to choose which team goes first. 
  • The team who completes the knot in the fastest time will win!


These activities are just some of what we can offer for Indoor Team Building. Although our motto at Adventure Sports is 'there is never bad weather, just bad clothing' we understand if you would prefer to have your day indoors rather than outside in the torrential rain!

You can book these activities as stand-alone activities as well if you wish, rather than replacements for other outdoor activities. If you would like to do this or it's predicted to rain on your event date and you dont want to get wet, give our office a call on 01926 491948 and we will sort something out for you.