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Christmas stress? We can help...

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Christmas always seems to be a stressful time of year. No matter how many times we say it, we always leave present shopping until the very last minute. The main reason this happens is because, much like everyone else, you want to steer clear of the festive fanatics which seem to come around every single year for as long as possible.

With our vouchers, they'll be no pushing your way through queues and stressing about whether the shop have your size; just give us your details and we'll do the hard work for you.

If you're trying to buy a present for someone, the first thing you do is look at the price - we all do it. Fortunately, you won't be put off by the prices of our experience vouchers. Our vouchers can range from £30 up to £200, so, whether you've got a limited budget or have loads to spend, we'll have something for you.

Last year, our experience vouchers became extremely popular around Christmas time. This was no surprise as we had made it super easy for you to get that perfect present. When buying an experience voucher from us, all you have to do is give us your details and sit back and wait for the postman to arrive.

So, now you know why our experience vouchers can be a great idea for a Christmas present, you'll need to know which ones are the most suitable. We have a wide variety of different vouchers that can be used as presents, but, the following seem to be the most popular...


Clay Pigeon Shooting

A 50 shot Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience at Wedgnock Rifle Range in Warwick. A C.P.S.A qualified instructor will give full one-to-one tuition on the theory and practice of Clay Pigeon Shooting. All the required equipment will be provided including a gun, cartridges, clays and hearing protection. The lesson will be tailored towards the ability and experience of the shooter.



Safety introductory lesson


This lesson is designed for individuals who are looking to take up Clay Pigeon Shooting or are thinking of applying for a Shotgun licence. A C.P.S.A qualified instructor will give full tuition on the theory and practice of Clay Pigeon Shooting. Safety at shooting grounds and an explanation of the different shooting disciplines will be covered in the two hour session as well as fifty shots. All the required equipment will be provided including guns, cartridges, clays and hearing protection.

Wedgnock Shooting ground annual membership 

Alternatively, an annual membership could fit the bill. If you know someone who loves to Clay shoot and is already a licence holder, why not get them a shooting membership? Cheaper clay prices and the ability to shoot during the week should tell you that's a great idea.

Who are these Experience Vouchers perfect for?

  • Someone who used to Clay Shoot and wants to give it another go.
  • Someone looking for a new hobby.
  • Someone who wants an adventurous Christmas present rather than a boring pair of socks.
  • Someone who wants to try something new!


Quad Bike trekking

An hour-long quad bike trek through 100 acres of Warwickshire countryside. The trek starts with a training session to ensure participants know how to ride and control a quad bike. An undulating countryside stage allows the instructor to judge your skill level before proceeding to a suitably challenging route through 50 acres of dense wooded hillside, mud, water and rough terrain.

Who is this Experience Voucher perfect for?

  • Someone looking for an exciting challenge.
  • Someone who loves to drive vehicles on tricky terrain.
  • Someone who doesnt mind getting a bit muddy!
  • Someone who doesn't usually ride Quad Bikes but thinks it would be fun to do so.


4x4 Off Road Taster session (2-6 people)


You will be driving a fully equipped Land Rover around our off road training area. An initial briefing will explain the basics of driving a vehicle off road before each person takes their turn to drive around the track that incorporates lots of slopes, hill climbs, descents, mud and water. Full tuition and supervision will be given throughout by an experienced instructor.  

Who are these Experience Vouchers perfect for?

  • Someone who loves to drive!
  • Someone who likes to test their driving ability and skill.
  • Someone who enjoys driving on a technical course and enjoys pushing themselves.


Open Experience Vouchers - £30 / £40 / £50...

Our Open vouchers are ideal if you are not sure which activity the recipient will want to have a go at. The Open voucher can be used to pay either £30, £40 or £50 towards any of our activities, including; Paintball, Karting, Hovercrafting, Clay Shooting, Axe Throwing and all of the above activities.

Who is this Experience Voucher perfect for?

  • Anyone who likes the look of ANY of our activities! 
  • Someone who wants an adventurous Christmas present!
  • Someone who has a thirst for sport or adventure.


These Experience Vouchers are just a selection of what we offer - you can view the others here. 

We will post your order out to you on the same day as your order to make sure you receive your voucher in time; and that's not even the best bit...

Our Experience Vouchers will last for a full 12 months.