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Junior Paintball

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What is Junior Paintball?

Junior Paintball is a group activity suitable for anyone aged 8 years old and over. Specially designed guns are used that are lightweight, easy to operate, safe and, most importantly, really great fun to use!

A series of games will be played over a two-hour private session. Each game has a simple objective (such as grabbing hold of the opposing team's flag) - this is made easier by eliminating opponents by shooting them with paintball (round pellets of brightly coloured, water soluble paint).

Spring powered guns fire the paintballs at around 100 mph and the pellets break easily on impact. 

All players wear an advanced head protection system, specially designed to ensure the activity is safe. These fully protect the player's head from impacts (protection for eyes, mouth, ears, forehead and back of the head).

Why JUNIOR Paintball

We have run Paintball for over 30 years and the game remains really popular with older children and adults but it is not suitable for those aged under 12 years. Junior Paintball has been developed to allow younger children (and teenagers / adults) to play and has the following advantages:

  • Guns are less powerful and the paintballs are smaller (it doesn't hurt as much when you are shot)
  • Guns are really light weight. Children can carry them and use them with ease.
  • Junior Paintball sessions are run as private events - you won't get mixed in with an adult party.
  • Fast moving. Games are short and there is very little time between games - everyone is kept busy.
  • Spectators can watch from the sidelines from behind safety netting.
  • Parents and older siblings are welcome to join in.
  • Fixed price for the group - no hidden costs.
  • Two hour event time - the ideal duration for a children's party.
  • Fun, competitive, outdoor and active.

Example Format

Three standard time sections are offered (09.00, 11.30 and 14.00). Each session lasts for two hours and will have the following approximate format (based on a 11.30 session):

  • 11.20  Arrival - Participants start to arrive. Our safety marshal will welcome the players (and parents) and ensure everyone is signed in (we need a letter of consent from any player aged 8 to 16 years).
  • 11.30  Briefing - Players and spectators will be briefed on how Junior Paintball operates. Equipment will be detailed and safety points highlighted. All players are issued with goggles and body armour.
  • 11.40  Weapons Training - Our marshall will ensure every player knows how to use the guns (loading paintballs, cocking the gun, aiming and firing). Plenty of paintballs will be shot at a range of targets to make sure everyone gets their eye in.
  • 11.50  Live Training - Players take turns to run the target alley - targets are set out along a pathway but one of the opposing team will be trying to shoot them as they proceed. This introduces the concept of shooting whilst being shot at!
  • 12.10  Head to Head Games -Teams head out to the playing arena. Starting at opposite ends of the rectangular pitch the teams will battle to capture flags from their opponents. The arena is overlooked by a viewing platform to allow parents / spectators to observe and cheer from a safe vantage point. Approximately four games will be played with short breaks between each to allow players to catch their breath and reload.
  • 13.15  Last Man Standing - The session is finished off with all the players competing against each other - the last player left alive is the winner!
  • 13.25  Equipment Return - Any remaining paintballs can be used up on the target range before the equipment is returned.
  • 13.30  Guests depart. 

Who Can Play?

Junior Paintball is ideal for any of the following groups:

  • Children aged 8 - 12 years 
  • Teenagers who want a private Paintball session
  • Mixed age groups (the kit can be used by anyone aged from 8 to 80!)
  • Family get-togethers
  • Some example parties include:
  • Birthday parties
  • Football / rugby / cricket / netball team end of season party
  • End of term school party
  • Scouts / Guides groups

Due to health and safety issues (there are no hand-washing facilities in the woodland area), we do not allow groups to eat within the activity; however, there are plenty of great places in Warwick town where you can grab a bite to eat. 


The cost for a Junior Paintball session will depend on the size of the group:

  • £240 for a group of 6 to 10 players (includes 1,000 paintballs)
  • Additional players £24 per player (including 100 extra pellets)

Costs include:

  • A two hour event
  • All the required equipment (full head protection, body armour and Splatmaster paintball gun)
  • Experienced Paintball marshal who will:
    • Welcome the group
    • Issue equipment
    • Train the participants on the use of guns, goggles and tactics
    • Run a series of games
    • Keep score throughout


How to Book

We can run Junior Paintball sessions seven days a week, all year round from dawn till dusk. We run standard time sections at:

  • 09.00 - 11.00
  • 11.30 - 13.30
  • 14.00 - 16.00

Evening sessions are also available when daylight permits (spring to autumn).

Head to the main paintball page to book your session online. We will send you a Booking Confirmation (by email) that details your Junior Paintball session (date, time, numbers, costs, location...). The confirmation requests payment in full at least ten days prior to event day.

We will also need the parents of any juniors (ages 8 to 16 years) to give permission for them to play. You can download a Junior Paintball invitation and Parental Consent form, fill in the details and bring the letter on the event day (no letter of consent means no play). If you are dropping off your son / daughter you can sign them in on the day.

All participants need to come along dressed in outdoor clothing that you don't mind getting muddy and splashed with paint (the paint usually washes out!). We kit the players out in body armour and goggles.

Footwear should be suitable for outdoor conditions - we play on grass and woodland areas so trainers or walking boots are ideal.