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Corporate Development Activities in Wariwickshire


Team Development Events

We've been managing and running team development events from our base in Warwickshire since 1990. One of the most popular ways to encourage a team to work better together is outdoor teambuilding activities.

Outdoor events are the ideal way to encourage and develop co-operation and integration within teams. Choose anything from one hour to two whole days which can be filled with exercises. Our events can only be completed when the whole team team work together - forcing team building, developing communication and creating leadership skills.Nuclear Hazard Team Problem Task

Our activities can be run as one offs or in conjunction with others to create a mixed activity day that's enjoyable and rewarding for you and your group.

We can design a teambuilding program to incorporate and encourage teamwork, leadership, communications, innovation, decision making and delegation.

Your bespoke program will be tailored to match the group’s general fitness level and can be biased towards serious development, fun, or a good mixture of the two.  

Half-Day Teambuilding Event

Here's just one example of a morning teambuilding event for a group of 24 guests. The same format can be applied to any size of group from 6 to 48 guests - or more with a bit of reorganisation. Times are flexible and can vary from a couple of hours to two days.

Poles Apart Team Building Exercise

This event involves the group being divided into smaller teams which each work independently for four activities before coming together at the end for a joint exercise.

The activities require input from the whole team for it to be a success, but they're not reliant on physical fitness and can be accomplished by the vast majority of groups.

Half-day Team Building Event Itinerary

9.00 am: Guests arrive at our Wedgnock rifle range in Warwick. Our event manager will welcome your team and give you an initial briefing over coffee. Then you'll be divided into teams of between 5-7 people. 

9.15 am: Experienced instructors will be introduced to each team. Your team will learn the basics of map reading (using maps, compass and grid references) to allow them to orienteer to each of their five activities during the morning.

Orienteering Team Building Exercise

9.20 am: All four teams will then head out to their first activity. Wedgnock covers over 100 acres of Warwickshire countryside. Careful navigation will allow each team to find their first activity quickly - leaving more time to complete the problem solving exercises.

After a short walk each team will arrive at their first activity. The instructor will explain the situation/problem that the team are faced with and explain any safety points. It's then up to the team to work together to find a solution. 

10.05 am: First activity ends. The team will have a short de-brief about how the problem was tackled and what they could do to improve their performance before heading off to find their second exercise.

10.50 am: Third exercise. 

11.35 am: Fourth exercise. Cross Roads Joint Team Buildin Activity

12.10 pm: All four teams converge of the final joint activity known as 'cross roads'. This requires all four teams to work together as a large group. 

12.50 pm: Guests then return to the clubhouse for a round up of the morning. 

1.00 pm: Guests depart or stay with us for lunch.


This style of team building event is priced at £66 per person for a half day or £95 for a full day. Costs include:

  • All activities, staff and equipment
  • Full use of the relevant activity areas at Wedgnock rifle range
  • Champagne for the winning team
  • Unlimited hot drinks throughout the event
  • Full event management
  • £5 million public liability insurance
  • Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Costs exclude any catering. A wide variety of catering options are available to give your teams the sustenance they need!

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