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Team Building Challenge (Full day)

Valuable and effective team building events that relate back to your workplace!

  • Full day event
  • 14yrs+
  • Groups of 6 to 128
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About this package

A superb way to build, enhance and develop team working for a group. We have run team building events for over 30 years and a proven record of providing high quality and meaningful events that relate back to the work place.

The event will involve the group working in teams of 6 to 8 people to tackle a series of challenges in an outdoor setting. The emphasis is on how the team try to solve the problem and how the techniques used can be related back to the work place.

What's included?

A full-day session typically involves seven team challenges, each requiring team work, communication, problem solving and decision making. We have many challenges to choose from and these can be discussed with you to ensure they are suitable for the group. The classic combination includes:

  • Electric Fence - Retrieve the box of essential equipment from the far side of an electrified fence surrounded by mines and trip wires!
  • Poles Apart - it looks straight forward and everyone will have their own idea on how to complete it - how will the team decide which approach to take?
  • Toxic Waste - The drum of hazardous waste is leaking and time is against you - transfer it to the decontamination area using limited kit.
  • UXB - The unexploded bomb is counting down to zero, the team need to retrieve it and work out which wire to disconnect - a classic challenge of time management, problem solving and logistics.
  • Stepping Stones - It looks so simple, just get to the other side of the swamp using the raised platforms - unexpected issues will crop up requiring adjustments and problem solving 'on the fly'.
  • Spiders Web - get through two giant webs patrolled by hungry spiders. Planning, teamwork and trust are all required for this task.
  • CrossRoads - Multiple teams all trying to compete / work together on the same challenge requiring balance, communications and co-operation.

You can also add catering to the event (e.g. bacon rolls upon arrival, BBQ lunch, afternoon cakes...)

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Need something special?

Need something special?

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