Lead and Succeed Half-Day Teambuilding

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Lead and Succeed Corporate Event

Effective leadership and team interaction are pivotal to your team's success in the workplace. This event will allow your team to try out different leadership styles.

This is a great way to try different methods of leading with helpful feedback from colleagues.

Example Event:

1.30 pm: You and your team arrive at our purpose-built Corporate Event Centre in Warwickshire and are welcomed into our comfortable clubhouse with unlimited tea or coffee. (Bacon rolls or a BBQ can be arranged - see our menu).

13.45 pm: When everyone has arrived you will be arranged into teams and given a quick safety briefing by your event manager.

14.00 pm: Your teams are then sent out for the afternoon's challenges. You will spend 45 - 60 minutes on each activity. A leader can be nominated by the team or the exercises can be tackled in a less structured format. Feedback on leadership style and communication will be given after each exercise. There are three activities during the afternoon including our unexploded bomb exercise, the electric fence and the nuclear hazard task.

16.30 pm: Once the teams have completed all three activities they return to the clubhouse for refreshments. The scores are announced and a presentation is made to the winning team.

16.45 pm You can then either be served with a delicious BBQ or make your departure.

Times are very flexible and can be changed to fit your requirements. Events can be run during the morning, afternoon or even during the evenings (under floodlights during the winter months).


Teams will tackle all three of the following leadership development exercises:

Defuse the Bomb

Your team have to recover a large UXB (un-exploded bomb) from a crater using our winches, and then defuse it by breaking the code before the countdown timer reaches zero!

This is a nail-biting event that will get your team's adrenalin pumping. It gets their communication flowing and keeps everyone engaged and involved as a team!

Can you crack the code and defuse the bomb before it's too late? 

UXB Team Challenge | Corporate Team building event

Electric Fence

A box of vital supplies must be recovered from a secure compound protected by a high voltage electric fence and minefield. This is a practical and problem solving task involving the whole team, requiring leadership and communication.

This activity will test your leadership, communication, cognitive skills and team work. Your team will all have to work together to recover the vital supplies through the high voltage electric fence. 

The Electric Fence event | Team Building event in Warwickshire

Nuclear Hazard Team Challenge

Nuclear Hazard

Toxic waste is leaking from a barrel, and the contents must be transferred to a safe container.

By only using ropes and poles, your team must save the day by working together to retrieve this tricky barrel.

This is a physical task with only one complex solution so your team must work in a unified group to succeed. This is a challenge that requires effective leadership for successful completion.


This half-day leadership development event will cost £55 + VAT per person, based on a minimum billing of six people. Breakfast and lunch costs can be added if required.

Group size: 6 to 48 (ideal size is 6 people per team).

This Lead & Succeed event can be booked by contacting the office, where we can check availability and book you in. Call us now on 01926 491 948.

We will send you a booking confirmation email that details the event, advises on clothing and requests payment (due ten days before to the event).