Challenge and Champion - Full Day Teambuilding Events in Warwickshire

Reverse Steer Snooker - Part of a Full Day Challenge & Champion Event


Challenge and Champion - get your team working together! 


Full day corporate events package

Example event:

  • 9.30 am: You and your team will arrive at our purpose-built corporate event centre and will be welcomed into our comfortable clubhouse with unlimited tea or coffee. (Bacon rolls can be arranged when you book - see our menu). 
  • 10.00 am: When your guests have arrived we will arrange you into teams and your event manager will give you a safety briefing.
  • 10.10 am: Teams will then be sent out for the activities and will spend 45 - 60 minutes on each activity (depending how much time they have available).
  • 12.30 pm: At lunchtime, after three activities have been completed, a BBQ or hot meal is served (depending on the time of year).
  • 4.00 pm: Once your teams have completed the afternoon’s activities they return to the clubhouse for refreshments.
  • 4.30 pm. The scores are announced and a bottle of Champagne is presented to the winning team.

Times can be easily adjusted to fit in with your requirements.

Reverse Steer Driving | Driving Events in Warwickshire

Teambuilding activities

This full-day event will include all of the following activities:

Reverse Steer RTV Snooker

You’ll laugh so much it hurts! Race our 'conveted' jeep through a series of coloured gates to get the highest break.

The problem is when you steer left the machine turns right. Once you get half-way round we blindfold the driver! Then it’s up to your team members to navigate. This is a great way to test your communication and co-ordination skills!





Learn to pilot this unique vehicle. Receive full tuition on how to fly our hovercraft before progressing to a large course to put the machine through its paces, experiencing the excitement of power sliding around the corners at high speed!





Empire Crate Building Challenge


Empire Crate Building

The aim of this event is to build the tallest tower using just two parallel stacks of crates... whilst one of you is standing on top! It is a superb trust and confidence building exercise for all the teams. The climber will be wearing a climbing harness and is safely connected to a top rope. The remainder of the team are needed to pass crates and offer advice and encouragement.


Unexploded Bomb Team Challenge

UXB – Crack the Code and Defuse the Bomb

Your team must recover a large UXB (un-exploded bomb) from a crater using winches and then defuse it by breaking the code before the countdown timer reaches zero.

This is a nail-biting event that will get your team's adrenalin pumping and their communication flowing. This is sure to keep everyone engaged and involved as a team.

Can you crack the code and defuse the bomb before it's too late? 
Missile Mission Rocket Launch

Rocket Mission

Get your team working together for the ultimate launch event!

In this unique event your teams need to work together to build and then launch a large rocket 300 feet up into the sky and then deliver its fragile payload intact by parachute as close to the target as possible!

This is an incredibly fun and engaging activity that will test the communication and leadership skill of your group. 

Can you launch your rocket high enough and keep your precious payload in one piece? 


Digger Challenge

Terex Digger Challenge

Your teams will take it in turns to attempt to master the controls of a large Terex digger, scooping as many footballs as they can against the clock into a large bin. It's even harder than it sounds!

Mastering the complicated controls of a Terex isn't easy. Success requires good cognitive skills as well as great encouragement and communication from the teams. 


This full day event will cost £125 + vat per person which includes:

  • Tea, coffee, soft drinks
  • BBQ lunch
  • Qualified instruction
  • Insurance
  • Bottle of Champagne prize 

Group size 6 to 42. (Ideally 6 people per team if possible.)


The following items can be used to enhance your Challenge & Champion team building event:

  • Overalls - a great way to keep your guests warm and mud proofed! £3.50
  • Bacon rolls on arrival - a great way to start the day. £4.30
  • Afternoon tea - lots of cakes and biscuits at the end of the event. £4

If a full day is too long or too expensive have a look at the half day Challenge & Champion option.

How to Book

Call the office now on
 01926 491 948 and we will check availability and book you in.
Or send us an email enquiry.

The date will be reserved for you and we will send you:

  • Full joining instructions including directions to find us, and clothing advice.
  • Booking confirmation that details the event (date, times, activities and costs).
  • Invoice for the event (payment in full required at least 10 days before to the event).

Call Us: 01926 491 948