Paintball - How to Organise a Day

Organiser's Guide

If you are thinking of organising a Paintball session there are some key steps to make it straight forward;


The date is always important. If you pick a date too close you will find many people have existing commitments; too far away and people are likely to forget. If it’s for a stag / hen group or Birthday party the date may be fairly fixed.

Check that the date you want is available either by contacting the office or by using our online booking system.

A few basics regarding dates include:

  • Saturdays are the most popular days followed by Sundays. A typical weekend day will consist of a mixture of different groups who are all mixed together. Private sessions are possible but you will need 40 + people to make this viable.
  • Midweek games are less common and you will virtually always need at least 12 people (or be prepared to accept a minimum billing) for a game to go ahead.
  • Paintball runs all year round regardless of weather. There are no quieter months apart from August (many people are away on Summer holidays).

Once you have decided on a date – book in! Don’t expect places to still be available a few weeks later.


We need to know how many people you are going to bring to ensure there is sufficient equipment and supervision for the group. People cannot just turn up on the day.

DepositsPaintball Gun and balls

Once you are booked in we require a deposit to be paid at least ten days in advance (straight away if there are less than ten days left before the date chosen).

The deposit is a minimum of {package:paintball:bronzer} per person (a Bronze package). Extras, such as extra pellets, gloves and smoke grenades, can also be pre-booked and paid for in advance.

Make sure that you collect deposits from every group member. If you pay for someone else yourself and they don’t turn up then the deposit is lost – deposits are non-refundable.

Deposits can be paid:

  • Online using Paypal
  • Debit / credit card over the phone or in person at the office.
  • Cheque sent in the post (Payable to “Adventure Sports Ltd”)
  • Cash – drop in to the office (Monday-Friday between 9.00 AM and 5.00 PM)


We will send you a confirmation that details the booking. This will give important advice about arrival / finish times, directions to find us, clothing advice and costs. It is really important that this information is passed on to all participants. (See a copy of all the booking conditions and advice).