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Have you Been Asked to Organise a Corporate Event?

Archery Activity Birmungham

We receive many phone calls each week from people who have been tasked arranging a 'company day out' but are really not sure about what to do.

That's where we come in! We have been doing this for over 25 years and can help you reach the goal of running a successful and affordable corporate event.

Our purpose built activity centre in Warwickshire is the venue of choice for many of the leading corporate event agencies who need a location that delivers high quality, reliable, robust and cost effective corporate entertainment options.

It is therefore a great choice for you too - we take care of all of the practicalities of the event (such as: activity recommendations, safety, instructors, catering, venue, event duration, insurance, risk assessments, event management and poor weather contingencies) to give you time to concentrate on getting your team / customers organised for the event.


Event Considerations


There are a number of important considerations that we will look into when planning an event. These include:

  • Group Size
  • Time of Year
  • Budget
  • Previous events
  • Age range
  • Event emphasis (team building, fun, reward day, get to know each other ...)
  • Health & Safety / Risk assessments

Event Planning Considerations














We will look at these factors and suggest some packages that may appeal. To get you started here are a few packages that provide a good mix of activities for the majority of groups.

Speed & Safari: Adrenaline Driving

Corporate Karting

High speed thrills to accelerate performance

Accelerate performance with this high-adrenalin driving experience that will cover all sorts of challenging terrain at our purpose-built event centre. There's mud, there's tracks, there's hills! The question is, is it the fastest who is the winner or the most accurate? Find out who are the winners, the risk-takers and those who like to 'play it safe'. It’s the ideal way to let off a bit of steam after the confines of a conference room, or as a motivational activity away from work.

  • All-Terrain Quad Safari
  • 4x4 Off-Road Adventure
  • Dirt Track Karts Challenge
  • Segways
  • Reverse Steer RTV Snooker
  • Clay Shooting

Full details including activity descriptions, format for the day and costs.

HALF-DAY Option Details

Tradition & Targets: Country Pursuits


Classic country pursuits for a competitive day of Shooting and Driving

All the classic country sports have a strong appeal to a wide variety of corporate groups. So if you want to bring the 'town' to the 'country', then Adventure Sports 100-acre event centre is the place to be! We offer the highest levels of professionalism, instruction and safety. While of course being fun, there can be a more serious side to these activities – it's about meeting targets, precision, focus, teamwork, competitiveness and ultimately achievement. You set the tone; we deliver the event!

  • Clay Shooting
  • Archery
  • Pistol & Rifle Range
  • 4x4 Off-Road Adventure
  • Quad Bike Circuits
  • Argocat


Learn more about this corporate entertainment classic - see how a day fits together, the activities and how many people it is suitable for.

HALF-DAY Option Details

Challenge & Champion: Team-Building

Fast Hovercraft

A great way to get your team working together

Teamwork, Team-Building, Team Bonding, however you choose to describe it, Adventure Sports' Challenge & Champion Team-Building is a great way to get your team working together. This popular multi-activity format is designed to encourage team bonding as well as confidence building with plenty of laughs and excitement. Our challenges require team communication, co-operation and trust in colleagues.

  • Reverse Steer RTV Snooker
  • Hovercraft
  • Empire Crate Building
  • UXB – Crack the Code and Defuse the Bomb
  • Rocket Mission
  • Terex Digger Challenge


See how this event will appeal to your guests - activity details, costs and time schedule.

HALF-DAY Option Details