Team development for smaller groups

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Team development for smaller groups

So, you’ve just come back from an amazing holiday in magnificent Majorca to find that there are only a few weeks left to enjoy the sun here in England (or lack of) and quality time with the family.

But there’s an even bigger problem. These last few weeks of the summer break also mean that, soon, you have to go back to that tedious office job with an even more tedious manager.

Fortunately, we can change that (the tedious manager part, not the fact you have to go back)...

Our Team-Building activities are fantastic fun but immensely challenging – this is a great opportunity to prove yourself to the manager, and, best of all, show them who the real leader is.

Are you hooked yet? Just wait until we tell you about the activities…

UXB Team Challenge

This is a nail-biting activity that will get your team's adrenaline pumping. A large unexploded bomb must be recovered from its resting-place and defused. The bomb is heavy and awkward to lift and, if you drop it, it will explode (we’re joking!) – it requires ropes, pulleys, shackles and lateral thinking to move it to safe ground. A brain-twisting logic problem then needs to be solved to discover which coloured wire needs to be cut. If you cut the wrong wire… well, you’ve seen the movies.

Poles Apart Team Challenge

A great team challenge that appears deceptively easy. Each team member must sign his or her name on a pad of paper. Unfortunately for you, the paper is in the centre of a minefield (naturally). A structure must therefore be made from wooden poles and ropes to allow each person to reach the paper. Everyone will have an idea on how to solve the problem, and often the biggest challenge in Team-Building activities like this one is getting the whole team to work together on a single solution!

Electric Fence Team Challenge

The team need to retrieve a box of equipment from within a secure compound protected by trip wires, land mines and a tall electric fence. The team can only use a limited supply of equipment including some blocks of wood, rope and a couple of long metal poles. There are several possible solutions; some are obvious but risky whilst others are far more subtle - so choose wisely.

Cross Roads Team Challenge

This would be the final activity of the afternoon; the activity involves a series of raised platforms that are linked together by narrow metal beams. Each team will start on a platform and be tasked with moving to a different platform without touching the ground. Several teams will be trying to do this simultaneously resulting in blockages and limited space - usually, teamwork will prevail and teams will work together to succeed.

Alternative Activity

If you feel that there may be a bit too much teamwork going on it can be a good idea to substitute one of the problem solving exercises for a skill based activity.

Archery is a great choice;

A traditional and very enjoyable test of skill. An experienced archery instructor will take you through a series of practice sessions and scored competition rounds using lightweight and user friendly recurve longbows.  Many participants find archery very addictive due to the fast rate of improvement that allows a complete novice to achieve a very respectable score.


Sounds great, right?

Get your manager to book now – this experience guarantees you will walk away as a more effective team and with a smile on your face.

If you successfully manage to deal with the problems in our activities, there is absolutely nothing stopping you dealing with the problems in the office.

And you might even find the fun side of your manager. Maybe.



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