Corporate team building versus company nights out

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Corporate team building versus company nights out

Getting your business’ people and teams out of their normal environments is a powerful and proven way to help communication and connections in the workplace. At Adventure Sports we offer a large range of options for your company for team building activities. But why should you use us? Why isn’t a night out with the team just as good, if not better?

You’ve probably been out on a team bowling evening or an expensive dinner with the company and hopefully it was fun. But we’re certain that you could have had a better experience (in more ways than one) with a team building day – better for you and better for your company and it’s people.

Team building 'builds communication'

The aim of team building is to build links with people in your team and help the communication within it. We often unearth some hidden skills and natural born leaders as well as great communicators on our huge adventure site in Warwick.

With targeted and specially tailored events we can find the people in your business who make a difference, the people who need some guidance, and even a few surprise leaders along the way. With problem solving and physical activities geared to test the strengths and weaknesses of your company you get way more than a great day out.

Does a night out bowling do this? Can you find hidden leadership talents around the table of the local steakhouse? We’re not convinced that you will and we’re certain that we would win the test if it was ever offered up!

Our team building events are totally focused on your objectives and we doubt that there is even an outcome or target for your team bowling night, other than to avoid too many embarrassing photos on Facebook!

Team building is fun too

“But a team night out is great fun for all the team.” Of course, we agree that having fun and rewarding your workforce is a very important thing to do. But what if you could have fun and get value for your company?

Having a Laugh team build

Team building events are immense fun and aren’t just for the adrenaline junkies in the warehouse! We have a huge range of activities to suit you and your desired outcomes for your event. They offer strategy, problem solving and skilful tasks as well as adrenaline fuelled activates. You choose what works for you so all your team have fun.

The benefit of a team building event is that even though it’s fun and a rewarding experience for your workforce as it tests them and gives you a better return on the day. We can give you assessment results and even run a classroom focus throughout the day to give you useful data on your team’s performance that you can use back at the office.

Cost of team building versus a night out

We understand that cost is always a consideration with anything in your business, but surely the final outcome is just as important? We have packages that are not only better value than a night out with a meal but are less expensive too.

A standard night out may consist of an activity and a meal and you’ll be looking at around the same price as our half-day. What you get from a night out is a happy team (until the headache kicks in the morning after!) but you get so much more from a team building activity half day so the return on the investment is obvious and also no more expensive.

We work with you on your event too so don’t think that you have to buy an ‘off-the-shelf’ package like you do down the local bowling alley!

The benefits of a team building day outweigh a night out

Let’s be honest. Although the event is for your employees, it’s really about what it can do for you and your company. Having a great time has its merits but having a structured day with activates geared to build trust and communication offer you a lot more than throwing shapes on the dance floor of a dodgy 80s nightclub.

Our activities offer your team:

Group work practice

  • New connections
  • Better communication
  • Value in themselves
  • Exciting challenges
  • Employee data
  • Improved working relationships
  • New defined roles
  • Problem solving
  • Fun
  • Value for your money
  • Targeted return on investment 

Does your standard night out offer your business any of these apart from maybe fun with the added hangover?

Nights out don’t tie in to your business

And here’s the greatest argument for team building over a night down the bingo.

How does your team event tie in to your business?

We like to create events that help your business and its employees develop better working relationships and build strong links that benefit everyone. A great time out together is something we can offer with all the added bonuses a regular night out just can’t do.Business Message in Team evevnt

Tying-in your event to your business is key. Just having a great time is good but why bother with it if it doesn’t help your business? Don’t forget that our events offer all the rewards and fun from the usual team nights out too.

We’re not suggesting that you treat your employees like lab rats; just that you have something to measure and something that will benefit your bottom line too.

We can design your day around you and this will give rise to a great event as well as increased productivity when you get back to work. Having a clear focus is important to make sure that you get out what your team put in – but we can work on that with you!

Don’t waste your team activity days…

You and your team deserve a great time and a fun occasion away from work. But don’t waste the opportunity. Create a great event with us and gain the best of both worlds.Grass Kart Team Build

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