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Activities For Life, Not Just For The Summer

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We have all types of team building and adventure sports activities on our site in Warwick. From paintballing to quad biking and archery to 4x4 driving, we have so much choice that we appeal to almost every type of group or people. 

But as the winter weather sets in and the UK snow looms over us there are people scraping their car windscreens thinking that spending a day or half-day here would be crazy. It's too cold, wet and undesirable to enjoy outdoor activities this time of year, right?!


Winter can and should be a great time for outdoor activities and it doesn't have to be just the brave (or stupid) that venture outdoors to get active. 

Here are the top five all-weather adventure sports you can take part in this winter: 

12 Gauge Shotgun Cartridges in the Snow



1. Clay Pigeon Shooting – all weather precision and accuracy

Clay pigeon shooting is one of our most popular events. One of the reasons it's so popular is that it's suited to both genders. The ladies love shooting as much as the gents and often the female shooters have a better aim and patience to learn too. 

But another reason why clay pigeon shooting is so popular is the all-weather angle. 

Our shooting areas are fully covered, so they're not affected by rain or snow. We have shooting here throughout the year no matter what the weather. Shooting is actually a very popular winter sport and we've even held Christmas morning shoots before.

2. Archery – all weather for all ages and abilities

Archery is also a desirable event for our visitors. The age-old sport of hitting the bullseye from 100 yards is as strong as it ever was. Now an Olympic event, the following is as strong as ever.

Archery - Winter

Like the clays, archery is also run from our covered shooting areas and not affected by the rain, snow or frost. If anything, the archery and clays are more suited for winter conditions. Wrap up warm and enjoy a warm drink in the cabin after while you review the morning's shooting. 

3. 4x4 off-road driving – only your tyres get wet!

4x4 Land Rover Driving in the Frost


We have a full 4x4 off-road course here at Adventure Sports and it's a popular sport for the adrenaline junkies and everyday drivers alike. Again, the 4x4 driving experience is not affected by the weather. You're inside the vehicle nice and dry (and warmish – Land Rovers are not know for their advanced climate control system!) and the added challenge of rain and snow only heightens the enjoyment.

Some of our visitors actually want it to be muddy and slushy to aid to the challenge, and of course the vehicle are built for it all so it won't ruin the experience of the novice driver either. 


4. Mixed activity events – clay shooting, archery, 4x4 driving and indoor team building.

OK, you could be forgiven for thinking that the weather will affect our team building activities and that the snow, frost and torrential rain can stop the games for the office…

Level Crossing Indoor Team Building Activity

… but you'd be wrong.

The all-weather team events are just that – built for everything. We have a package of events all based around activities that work all year around. 

  • Clay shooting – sheltered with our covered shooting range
  • Archery – covered shooting areas to stop the rain and snow
  • 4x4 driving – brilliant whatever the weather and more fun in the rain and snow
  • Level crossing – a team building activity designed specifically for indoors.

Don't stop your team from improving their communication, relationships and bonding. Get them on an all-weather event.

Marsh Mallow Team Building - Level Crossing

5. Team Building Challenges – outside, covered activities without driving and shooting 

We understand that driving and shooting may not suit everyone. So we also have a fully covered team building half-day event without the need to shoot or drive too. 

Out team building challenges can be run completely undercover. They can shelter your group from the UK winter but still add enjoyment and important learning. 

We have many weather shelters on our site and the events work perfectly inside them. You can have any of the previous activities but these all work very well together:

Level Crossings: Your team must build a tower, as high as possible, using only spaghetti and mini marsh mallows. The building materials are only earned by transporting tennis balls across a ten-metre distance. They can only use lengths of pipe and rope to move the balls - no human contact allowed.

Spiders Web Team Building Task


Spider's Web: Your team has to get through two giant webs whilst avoiding the venomous spiders, which move around the webs (like a 3D game of chess!). It's a really fun exercise requiring logical problem solving and a willingness to trust your teammates.

Poles Apart: A great team challenge that appears deceptively easy. Your team members sign their names on a pad of paper. Unfortunately the paper is in the centre of a minefield. A structure must be built from wooden poles and ropes to allow each person in your team to reach the paper. 

Winter Team Building

Leap Frog: A highly complex life size puzzle involving your team wearing coloured and numbered bibs, moving in opposite directions along a line of stepping stones with only one empty space. Your teams have to communicate effectively to solve this conundrum.

Missile Mission: Build a rocket using tubes, balsa wood, glue, string and a parachute and then fire it high into the sky using a powerful pyrotechnic rocket engine. The rocket carries a delicate payload in its nose cone (a handful of fragile paintballs) and points are scored depending on where the payload lands and whether the rocket design allowed the payload to remain undamaged.

We think that's a pretty good list of outdoor activities and we know from experience that the good old British weather won't stop you either.

Don't keep your adventurous side just for the summertime – get outdoors in the fresh winter air and enjoy all life has to offer you. 

If you need help or advice about keeping your weekends or work events adventure-filled and not water-logged then give us a call. We have the perfect answer for the winter blues.

Outdoor Team Building Smiles

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