Original Paintball

Two teams battling against each other through a series of adrenaline pumping, nerve tingling games - Paintballs fly all around and thump into surrounding trees - can you survive?

Based at Wedgnock Rifle Range in Warwick, an ex-army training facility, Paintball takes place in 50 acres of woodland that incorporates trenches, barricades, hills, ridges and dense undergrowth.

Suitable for anyone aged 11+ years, Paintballing is guaranteed to get the blood pumping through your veins!

Sessions are run most weekends when lots of small groups are combined together. Midweek games are also available for groups of 12 + people.

A 3 Hour, Half-Day session costs £30 per person

How Does it Work?Paintball Player by Brick Wall

The game is based around two teams competing against each other. Each player is armed with a gun that fires paintballs (a similar size to a marble). The balls break open when they hit an object and leave a large splat of paint (brightly coloured and based around non-toxic, washable food dye). If a player is marked by a paintball they are eliminated from that game and watch from the side lines. Games last between 5 and 15 minutes and you only get one life per game! A typical half-day involves five games.

Safety is very important in Paintball, after all you are shooting at people with powerful gas operated guns! Everyone wears protective goggles and safety marshals ensure a safe and fair game.

CostsPaintballs - Pot of 100

A regular Silver Paintball package costs £30 per person and includes:

  • 500 Paintballs
  • Camouflage Overalls
  • Semi-automatic Paintball Gun
  • Goggles (protecting eyes, mouth, ears and forehead)

Additional paintballs can be purchased on the day - this can be usefull for 'trigger happy players'!


Example FormatPaintball Gun and Paintballs

Paintball sessions are typically run for:

  • Mornings (9.30am - 12.30pm)
  • Afternoons (1.00pm - 4.00pm)

During the summer months, evening games are also available, these would typically begin at 5:00 pm and go on till dark.

A typical format for a morning of Paintball involves:

  • 9.30am - Players arrive at Wedgnock Rifle Range in Warwick. Everyone signs in and equipment is issued (camo overalls, battle pack, dog tag and goggles).
  • 9.50am - The head marshal welcomes the group and explains the format for the day. Safety essentials are explained, rules detailed and equipment demonstrated.
  • 10.00am - Two teams are selected and head out to the firing range to learn how to operate, aim and shoot their Paintball guns.Paintballers in Smoke
  • 10.10am - Marshals lead teams out to the first playing area, (usually a woodland area filled with barricades that offer good cover). Rules are explained before the game begins.
  • 10.30am - Game ends. Players return to the Neutral Zone to replenish supplies and exchange tales from the first game! Several more games will be played during the morning.
  • 12.30pm - Morning session ends. Bills are settled and guests depart.

Who Can Play?

All players must be 11 years or older (Junior Paintball is also available for younger players, 8 years +) . Those lucky enough to be under 16 years old need written parental consent to allow them to play (insurance requirements). An example Parental Consent Letter can be downloaded, printed, filled in and brought along on the day.

Paintball is a physically demanding game. You will be running around 50 acres of woodland, carrying a fairly substantial gun all day. A reasonable level of fitness is advisable.

How to Book

To book in you can: