Compact Paintball

A revolution in Paintball! Compact Paintball sessions last for two hours and are run for groups of between 4 and 30 people. They have the following advantages:

  • Two hours of constant action
  • Package price that includes overalls, equipment and Paintballs - no hidden extras
  • Private sessions - you won’t be mixed in with others groups
  • Available seven days a week - you’re not dependant on other groups booking in
  • Suitable for anyone aged 11 years or over
  • Dedicated Compact Paintball layouts ensure adrenaline filled games and quick turnaround between games.

Costs and Availability

Two hour Paintball session just for your party. The cost depends on the size of the group:

  • £240 for 4 to 12 people (includes 2,000 paintballs to share between the group)
  • £360 for 13 to 18 people (includes 4,000 paintballs to share between the group).
  • £480 for 19 to 28 people (includes 6,000 paintballs to share between the group).

Either session will involve approximately six games and all of the required equipment will be provided (Paintball gun, overalls and goggles).

Suitable for anyone aged 11 years and over.

Three standard time sections are available:

09.00 - 11.00

11.30 - 13.30

14.00 - 16.00 

Sessions can be booked in seven days a week but Sunday’s are restricted to just the 14.00 - 16.00 session.


The following extras can be added to your booking:



If you have a 'trigger happy' group adding some pellets will ensure you have plenty of ammo to shoot.

500 Extra Paintballs @ £40

1,000 Paintballs @ £70

Recommended for groups of 9 to 12 players (or if you are really trigger happy!) The standard package includes 2,000 paintballs and the average player will get through 200 during the session. If you have booked in 13 to 18 players you will get 4,000 paintballs included in the package. For 19 to 30 people you get 6,000 paintballs.


Smoke Grenades


Create a smoke screen to gain an advantage over your opponents (or to allow you run away without being seen). They're easy to use and are especially effective on a non-windy day. Smoke grenades are classed as fireworks and as such are only available to those aged 18 + years.

Cost for a single smoke grenade @ £3

Cost for 3 smoke grenades @ £7

Cost for 12 smoke grenades @ £26


Book Online

Call Us: 01926 491948


If you are aged between 11 and 16 years old you will need to have written permission from your parents / guardian to allow you to play. Download an example letter of consent and bring a completed copy with you on the day.