Go Kart Racing

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An exciting and competitive racing experience at our outdoor Karting circuit available all year round and in all weathers for individuals and groups of up to 24 people!

We run incredibly fast and powerful twin engine 400cc Biz Le Mans Karts, fitted with state of the art electronic De Haardt safety systems and Tag Heuer timing.


Sessions can be run for 1 to 24 people (if you have a larger group let us know and we should be able to accommodate you).

Go Kart Track Layout, Warwick

Have-a-Go Karting

OPEN Karting
(£30 per person)

For individuals and small groups of 1 to 10 people.

Our Open Sessions are a one hour experience for individuals and small groups wishing to try Karting and either learn the ropes or improve personal bests!

Up to 10 karts will be on the track racing against the clock to set fastest lap times. 

The session will start with a 10 lap practice session to ensure you are familiar with the race circuit and are confident at controlling the karts.

A short break will allow you to check your lap times and catch your breath before you take part in a 15 lap race - the fastest lap is the winner!

Open Sessions available 1.30 - 2.30 pm seven days a week.

Pre-booking is essential!

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Call to book an Open Session: 01926 491 948

Notes for Open Karting Sessions:

  • Minimum of 4 people needed to start a session.
  • Gloves and helmet liners must be worn by all participants. You can buy a comfort pack for £3 per person. This includes a comfortable cotton balaclava and a pair of high grip gloves OR you can bring your own OR we have a pool of used gloves available and disposable hairnets.

GROUP Karting - £40 per person

Karting Yellow

Full on racing against each other! Your chance to show your friends or work colleagues that you really are faster than them!

4 to 10 people Head to Head Race Format

The event begins with a 10 Lap Practice session to become familiar with the track and the karts. Drivers then take part in a 10 Lap Qualifying Race to establish your grid position for the 10 Lap Final Race.

  • You will drive approximately 10 kilometres
  • Private Session (you won't be mixed in with any other drivers)
  • Head to Head Racing
  • Medals for Top 3
  • All Equipment included (race suit, helmet, balaclava and gloves) 
  • Duration 60 - 180 minutes including briefing and prize-giving.
  • £40 per person

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11 to 24 People, FREE Grand Prix Upgrade

If you have between 11 and 24 people we will upgrade your race session to a Grand Prix format (you get more races for the same cost!)

The event begins with a 6 Lap Practice session to become familiar with the track and the karts. Each driver then competes in FOUR, 6 Lap Races to score as many points as possible. Every driver then takes part in a 6 Lap Grand Final.

  • You will drive approximately 12 kilometres
  • Private Session (you won't be mixed in with any other drivers)
  • Head to Head Racing
  • Medals for Top 3
  • All Equipment included (race suit, helmet, balaclava and gloves) 
  • Duration 60 - 180 minutes including briefing and prize-giving.
  • £40 per person

Sessions available seven days a week all year round.

Groups of between 2 and 5 people are very welcome to come along too - the session will cost £240.

Team Endurance race sessions are also available - contact the office for details.

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Call to book
01926 491 948

Grand Prix Chequered Flag

Age Limits and Parental Consent Forms

If you're 14 years old AND at least 130cm tall you can drive our Karts (you must be able to reach the accelerator and brake pedals without stretching). If you're aged 14 or 15 years old on the date of the race session you do need written consent from your parents to say you can take part (it's an insurance requirement).

The easiest way to do this is for a parent to fill in this example Karting Parental Consent Form and bring it with you on the race day.

Karting Parental Consent