Axe Throwing

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Axe Throwing (2 to 24 people)

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One Hour Axe Throwing Introduction

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This 60 minute event is suitable for groups of between 2 and 24 people of all ages from 10 years and over and is especially well suited for corporate groups, birthday parties, stag / hen events and family groups.

The activity involves learning to throw an axe into wooden roundel targets. This ancient skill was practiced by knights during the Middle Ages, the Vikings and also by native American Indians who perfected the art of throwing Tomahawk axes.

The session will start with an introduction into the basic techniques required to get the axe to hit and stick into the wooden target at a fairly close range. Light weight training axes are used to ensure everyone understands the techniques.

Larger Tomahawk axes will then be introduced - these require more technique but are really satisfying to throw!

The session will end with a scored competition.

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How the Event Works

The event is available all year, seven days a week. 

Evenings are also available during the summer months.

A typical morning session will have the following format:

  • 09.20 Participants arrive at Adventure Sports activity centre wearing suitable outdoor clothing. Tea & coffee will be available as everyone signs in.
  • 09.30 The axe throwing instructor will welcome the group and explain the event format and basic safety principles and the layout of the axe throwing range.
  • 09.35 Initial instruction will be given on how to throw the training axes. These are light weight and have several edges to increase the chances of the axe sticking into the target.
  • 09.40 Practice begins. Every participant will throw a series of axes at the wooden roundels over a 3 metre range. Hints and tips will be given throughout to improve everyones technique.
  • 10.00 Time for a gentle competition - three axes per person to gain the highest score.
  • 10.10 On to the Tomahawks - full sized axes with a single cutting edge. These are harder to throw but deliver a very satisfying thump when the target is hit.
  • 10.20 Tomahawk competition.
  • 10.30 Activity ends and guests depart.

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The cost is based on the number of participants.

2 - 8 People @ £30 per peson

9+ People @ £27 per person

Cost includes:

  • All the required equipment
  • Full tuition by an experienced instructor
  • Tea / coffee 

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Single Tomahawk in Wooden Target

Age Limits & Physical Demands

All participants must be at least 10 years old and at least 147cm tall (58 inches). If any of the group members are aged 10-16 years we will need at least two adults to accompany the group.

You will be throwing the training axes and tomahawks for most of the time. You will also be reaching down to the ground to pick up fallen axes (some more than others!) The activity is not suitable for anyone who has any existing medical condition that could be aggravated by the throwing action. 

Some participants can find the tomahawks too heavy to throw safely. In these circumstances the training axes will be used throughout.


Axe throwing takes place on our 100 acre outdoor activity centre. You will be outside for much of the time - you will need to wear suitable outdoor clothing including:

  • Waterproof jacket (hopefully you won't need it, but worth bringing in case the weather turns)
  • Outdoor footwear (no sandals or flip-flops)

The axe throwing range is covered but you will still be outside when you recover the thrown axes. The Clubhouse is close by for tea / coffee and toilets.

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