Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunt Stratford upon Avon

Treasure Hunt - Kissing a Copper

Treasure Hunts offer a huge variety of challenges including on-foot “off the shelf” options in the popular tourist town of Straford upon Avon.

Duration can be from as little as 60 minutes to a half day so we can fit into any time frame. Suitable for anyone aged 16 yrs + with an inquisitive mind. 

Group size is no problem, we have entertained parties from 10 to 250 people. 

We can make the hunt as easy or hard as you like, from light-hearted to highly competitive.

On Foot Treasure HuntsPhone Box Treasure Hunt Pile in - Warwick

Our on foot Treasure Hunts are without doubt one of our favourite packages.

These are suitable for any size of group from 10 to 250 people. We have a fantastic treasure set up around the town of Stratford upon Avon - this is a great base as it is very visitor friendly.

The emphasis is always on fun, and accumulating as many points as possible! Following a short briefing from the event manager the group is split into teams of up to eight people. A time limit is set (usually about three hours) in which the teams will need to complete as many challenges as possible along with collecting strange items and of course answering the questions around the town.

Teams may need to keep their eyes open for the "Stalker" who will issue a challenge to any team he catches - the Stalker is generally used for larger groups.Treasure Hunt in Stratford upon Avon Buildings

Prices from £25 per person.

Book a Stratford upon Avon Treasure Hunt online.