Rise and Shine Half-Day Team Building Event

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Rise & Shine Corporate Teambuilding

Our rise and shine event is the perfect way to build your team’s confidence through challenging and exciting activities. Teambuilding activity events help to create strong bonds and relationships within your company. Join us in Warwickshire on our 100-acre playground for a corporate experience you'll never forget.

This package is ideal for any size of group from 6 to 90 people.

Example Team Building Event:

09.30 am: You and your team will arrive at our purpose-built corporate event centre in Warwick and you'll be welcomed into our comfortable clubhouse with unlimited tea or coffee. (Bacon rolls or a BBQ can be arranged when you book - see our menu.)

09.45 am: Once everyone has arrived we will organise you all into teams and your event manager will give you a quick safety briefing.

10.00 am: Teams are then set challenges for the day. You will spend 45 - 60 minutes on each activity and there are three activities in all. You have the option of either Empire Crate Building or our giant Climbing Wall, depending on group ability. Our popular Archery strategy and Segway Slalom are included in this package.

12.30 pm: Once the teams have completed all three activities they return to the clubhouse for some refreshments. We'll announce the scores and a presentation is made to the winning team.

12.45 pm : An optional BBQ can be laid on for you and your team to celebrate a great experience, or the event can end.

Teambuilding Challenges

Each team will take part in all three of the following activities:

Archery events in Warwickshire

Archery Strategy

An experienced instructor teaches team members to shoot recurve bows.

Once your team is confident and trained in the art of recurve bow shooting, you're given two targets with balloons on. Your team will have 20 arrows to try and accumulate maximum points. This event is great fun and requires precision and strategy.

Segway Slalom at Adventure Sports in Warwickshire

Segway Slalom

While most of our other challenges are serious and aimed at team building and development, the segway slalom is brilliant and very funny to watch!

The Segway slalom encourages your teams to support and encourage each other in order to master the control of these very unusual vehicles.

Careful balance and body position is required to weave in and out of poles on a Segway. This is a lighthearted confidence booster that's sure to get your team laughing and working together. 


Empire Crate Building Team ExerciseEmpire Crate Building

The aim of this event is to build the tallest tower using just two parallel stacks of crates whilst one person stands on top of them!

This is a superb trust and confidence building exercise. The person on top will wear a climbing harness, and is safely connected to a top rope - so there's no safety concerns. The remaining team members all need to pass crates and offer advice and encouragement - it's great fun!



Climbing Wall Challenge in Warwickshire

Tackle our Giant Climbing Wall

Climb as high as you can on our 33-foot tall climbing wall.

This is a real test of courage, technique and determination! Each lane is made up of three different colours of 'holds' and each colour represents a different level of difficulty.

The climbing wall is a great challenge for overcoming inhibitions, but this challenge does require certain levels of physical ability or strength to complete it. 


This half day event will cost £80 + VAT per person, based on a minimum billing of six people. Breakfast and lunch costs can be added if required.

Group size: 6 - 63 (the ideal size is 6 people per team).

If this Rise & Shine event looks like the package for you, contact the office and we can check availability and book you in. (Tel. 01926 491 948.)

We will send you a booking confirmation email that details the event, advice on clothing and requests payment (due ten days prior to the event).