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Paintballing Terms and Conditions

The following terms & conditions apply to Paintball bookings:

  • Any players aged 11 to 16 years old will need a written letter of consent from their parent / guardian to give them permission to play. Players without a letter will not be able to take part. Download an example letter of consent.
  • Only paint pellets purchased from Adventure Sports Ltd. can be used on the day.
  • Morning and Full-Day players will need to arrive at 9.20am for a 9.30am start. The Morning session will end at approximately 12.30pm.
  • Afternoon players will need to arrive at 12.50pm for a 1.00pm start. The day will end at approximately 4.00pm.
  • Sensible footwear is very important. During the winter we advise walking boots or rugby / football boots. During the summer, walking boots or trainers are suitable. See notes on What to Wear
  • Bring old clothes – they are likely to get wet, muddy and covered with paint.
  • A change of clothes is advisable or bring a bin bag to sit on in your car.
  • Paintball carries on regardless of weather conditions.
  • Paintball is phsyically demanding - make sure all participants are healthy enough to partricipate in two hours of outside activity that may include running.
  • 'Open Paintball Sessions' are run on most weekends. These allow lots of smaller groups to come along without the requirement to have atleast 12 players (or to spend atleast £360)
  • If you book a date without any other players already booked in we require a minimum of 12 players (all booked in for a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum package) to start a session, or a total spend of £360 for the group of players you wish to book (i.e. groups of less than 12 people can book a day, as long as they book and pay for a minimum of £360).


  • Most weekend paintball sessions involve mixing several groups together to form a larger party. Private games are possible for groups of 40 + people (contact the office for details).
  • Full payment must be made to confirm your event. Payment will be required at least ten days in advance or immediately if there are less than ten days left before the game date.
  • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • We don't offer any refunds for unused Paintballs.
  • Please ensure all players are able to make the booking date before submitting your booking, as mistakes cannot be rectified after the booking has been made.
  • If anyone fails to attend the event on the date you have booked, the prepayment for that person will be forfeited (you can, of course, use any paint pellets that have been purchased in advance).
  • Players turning up late may not be able to take part as safety briefings will have taken place and games started. Players are asked to arrive between 10 and 20 minutes before the start time.
  • Please note we are unable to accept liability for any errors resulting from data which you have entered incorrectly.
  • The minimum age of all players on the date of the game is 11 years old. This is an insurance stipulation and proof of age may be required if a player is lucky enough to look young. All players agree to be bound by our playing conditions and safety rules. Any player that is unable to comply with our safety instructions will be excluded from the centre without refund.

Clothing Advice

The right clothing is really important. The time of year will make a big difference to which clothes you choose.


Footwear is the most important piece of clothing, especially during the winter months. When it’s muddy you really need some good grip. Walking boots with a good tread or football / rugby boots are advised. The tread on trainers / shoes will fill up with mud instantly and you will find it difficult to move anywhere.


Layers are strongly advised as it is easy to regulate your temperature. During the summer a T-shirt and a pair of shorts will be ideal to wear under your overalls. For the rest of the year a T-Shirt, sweat shirt / hoodie and a fleece combined with some tracksuit bottoms will be ideal.

Any clothing is likely to get splattered with paint and mud. This will generally wash out, but you should always wear old clothes just in case.


Gloves are useful as they protect your hands / fingers from a direct shot (a shot on your finger is painful!), keep your hands warm and offer some protection from brambles / nettles in the woodland.

Fingerless gloves are ideal as you will be able to handle the gun better (trying to reload a gun during a game, under fire, wearing thick woollen gloves is hard work!)

Armoured gloves are the best option as they protect the back of your hand from pellet impact. The armouring is made from a flexible plastic / rubber material that allows your hand to move, but takes the impact out of any shot.

HatsPaintballer Prone Position

Hats give the back of your head a bit of cushioning against a paint pellet from behind (if your own team shoot you or you’re running away!) But they do trap the heat and sweat from your head, (you are likely to be running around a lot), and this can increase the likelihood of your goggles misting up.

Many Paintballers find a hoodie to be the best option as you can pull them up over your goggles easily and if you do get a bit warm you simply pull the hood down.

Other popular alternatives are baseball caps (worn backwards so your goggles fit) and bandanas – (look cool but don’t offer much protection)!

Spare Clothing

Spare clothes are really useful if you play on a really wet / muddy day. The overalls we provide will keep the worst off, but water and some paint will go through to your clothes underneath.

Bin bags!

Bring a couple of bin bags for the end of the day. They are great for taking home your muddy footwear or for sitting on in your car (you may have wet and muddy trousers!)

Directions to Adventure Sports

From the M40 junction 15, take the A46 north (towards Coventry). Take the 1st exit (approx 2 miles) signed Solihull A4177 and Warwick A425. At the top of the slip road turn right at the roundabout towards Warwick.

Travel ¼ mile to a small roundabout and turn left onto Wedgnock Lane.

After ½ mile turn left into a small road opposite the Volvo building (look for flagpoles on the right) and follow the Adventure Sports signs for ½ mile.

When on-site follow signs for 'Outdoor Activity Centre' and then Paintball. These will take you towards the woodland area (past the climbing wall and Clubhouse). Park just inside the woodland area.

Sat Nav Users

Just enter our postcode (CV35 7PX) into your Sat Nav and this should bring you to our site. When you are getting close, do keep your eyes open for signs for 'Adventure Sports Outdoor Activity Centre'

Adventure Sports Ltd., Wedgnock Rifle Range, Wedgnock Lane, Warwick, CV35 7PX
Tel. 01926 491 948

Download a PDF copy of these directions.