Junior Karting

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Competitive Karting for Juniors

  • Suitable for anyone aged 10 to 16 years*
  • Purpose built junior karts provide an adrenaline filled action event
  • Event focussed on safety.
  • Private party sessions for up to 12 peopleJunior Paintball Invite
  • 90 minutes of entertainment
  • Perfect for Birthday parties

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Example Parental Consent Form

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* All drivers must be at least 130cm tall to ensure they can reach the brake pedal effectively.

Race FormatKart Racing

Time sections are offered throughout the day, seven days a week. Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes and will have the following format:

  • 10.45  Arrival - Participants start to arrive (15 minutes before the event starts). 


  • 11.00  Registration - Our marshal will welcome the group and ensure everyone is signed in (we need a letter of consent from any driver aged 10 to 16 years). 4 Karts Lined up


  • 11.05  Briefing - Drivers and spectators will be briefed on how the event will operate and safety points will be detailed. Overalls, helmets and gloves will be issued.


  • 11.15  Practice Session - Each participant will drive around the track to become familiar with the kart controls and the circuit layout.


  • 11.35  Race Session -  Everyone will get to race in a head to head contest. Three or four karts will race on the track at a time with drivers taking turns to compete.4 Karts Lined up


  • 11.50  Race Ends - Karts return to the pit lane. Equipment is returned.


  • 11.55  Scores - Times and placing are collected and announced to the drivers.


  • 12.00 Guests depart.

Who Can Participate?

All participants must be aged 10 to 16 years old AND be be at least 130cm tall. 

Older drivers can join in (parents, siblings and friends) as long as they drive in an appropriate way that reflects the ages of their fellow drivers.

Anyone aged 10 to 16 years old needs parental consent to participate.

Example Parental Consent Form 

Junior Karting is ideal for any of the following groups:

  • Children aged 10 - 16 years 
  • Birthday parties
  • Football / rugby / cricket / netball team end of season party
  • End of term school party
  • Scouts / Guides groups
  • Family groups

4 Kart sRacing

CostCrash Helmet

Junior Karting costs £30 per person, based on a minimum group size of 8 people. A maximum of 12 people can participate in a session.

Costs include:

  • A 60 minute session
  • All the required equipment (crash helmet, gloves and race suits)
  • Experienced marshals who will: 
    • Welcome the group
    • Issue equipment
    • Train the participants on the karting activity
    • Run a practice session
    • Operate a full race session
    • Keep score throughout


Call Us: 01926 491 948


Example Parental Consent Form