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Quad Bike Trekking

Ride a powerful, 250cc quad bike through 100 acres of challenging countryside incorporating slopes, mud, grassland and picturesque woodland.

The hour-long trek starts with a training session to ensure participants know how to ride and control a quad bike. An undulating countryside stage allows the instructor to judge the trekkers skill level before proceeding to a suitably challenging route through 50 acres of dense wooded hillside, mud, water and rough terrain.

All trekkers must be 16 years old or over, as the quad bikes we use are designed for adults.

The quads are steered using a handlebar (the same as a push bike), accelerated using a thumb throttle and braked using a finger operated lever (the same as a push bike) and/or a foot pedal. Every participant must be able to confidently steer, brake and accelerate using these controls, so moderate strength is required. Body weight must also be transferred around the bike to safely ride up and across sloped ground.

Axe Throwing

Learn the ancient art of throwing axes into wooden target roundels. The session will start with training axes, to ensure all participants master the basic principles, before progressing to tomahawks.
Suitable for between 2 and 16 people the session will last one hour.

Archery (One Hour Session)

A one hour session with an experienced archery instructor. Full tuition will be given on the art of using a recurve longbow (a normal bow and arrow!) at our 100 acre activity centre in Warwick.

Each instructor can look after up to eight people during an hour session. Each participant will be taught how to hold a bow, aim and shoot at a full size archery target using aluminium shafted arrows.

A series of practice arrows will allow the basics to be mastered before the session moves on to a competition round (usually 9 arrows per person).

Throughout the duration of the event most participants will see a real improvement in their accuracy and ability. Most people begin with no experience and can only just get an arrow on target – by the end of the session some impressive scores can be achieved.

Team Building Challenge (Half Day)

Half day team development, team bonding, leadership and communication event incorporating four activities such as:
- Electric Fence (problem solving and trust activity)
- Poles Apart (decision making and trust exercise)
- UXB (logistics, problem solving and delegation event)
- Cross Roads (team co-operation, trust, communications and logistics activity - a great way to bring several teams back together at the end of an event).
Actual team activities will depend on the group size, weather conditions, time of year and type of group.

Large Party?

If you have a large party, perhaps a team building day for the office, we offer mixed activity days. A mixed activity day involves team-linked rotation around several adventurous activities to get everyone involved for as long as you want!

Choose a day as short as 2 hours, or as long as 7. We can give rough quotes for parties up to 49 persons on this site, for larger parties please contact us.

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