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An unusual email enquiry came in yesterday that required a bit of local knowledge and creativity. The brief included:

We're looking for two days in April, with quad biking, geo-cache, clay shooting/archery with accommodation (ensuites essential!) and ideally finish the day with a campfire and bbq, then next day facility for a board meeting. Can you help?

A team bonding event will certainly encourage guests to get to know each other and break down barriers. In many cases this will not be enough to create a better team. There may be deep rooted issues that need a more focused approach.

We see many groups each year who are looking for a 'Team Building Magic Wand' that will cure all of the problems a team has. We don't profess to own such a magic wand but we can help teams to become more 'self aware' of issues that can cause problems. If a team is aware of potential issues they can predict and avoid them or handle them more effectively.

Good teamwork depends on many factors including communication, leadership, trust and respect. Most of these don't just happen overnight - it takes time for a group to get to know each other and find their positions and roles within the team.

Established teams, who have worked together for many years, may still be relatively ineffective at teamworking. Team members get 'stuck in their ways', communication deteriorates or stagnates and trust in other team member's abilities can be eroded.

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