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Rally Karts - A Proper Driving Activity

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It's 7 months now since we launched our new activity Rally Karting for the petrol-heads amongst you, and it is proving hugely popular!

It really is a proper rally driving experience because you are driving on a large loose gravel track with the kart broadsiding and drifting around each corner!

Rally Course Aerial Photo

Because you're on a gravel track the karts want to understeer, so you have to drive with the throttle!  What you mustn't do, is drive them like a tarmac kart or a car on a race track - if you do, you'll go straight on and crash!

If you haven't driven a rally car before, the secret to driving them quickly is to brake hard as you come into the corner, release the brakes, turn in quickly once the weight has transferred to the front wheels, hit the power to get the back end out, look at where you want to go (NOT THE APEX or you'll hit it!), then feather the throttle to keep the kart facing the exit of the corner! When you get it right it feels fantastic, and you're quick!

Power slide around gravel corner

We have found that running endurance races gives everyone maximum driving time, and keeps the whole group very much involved acting as the Pit Crew!

Driving Controls for Rally Karts

Because we need two track Marshals to oversee the event safely, we need a minimum number of 6 people, but we are considering running open events once a month, so if there are only a couple of you, please ring us (01926 491948).