Paintball Morning for Stratford-Upon-Avon College

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Paintball Morning for Stratford-Upon-Avon College

Paintballers on the Floor

29 Students and 2 lecturers from Stratford upon Avon College have chosen today regardless of the cold, wind, sleet and rain to play paintball with us.

The Uniformed level 3 BTEC Public Service students ranging from 16 through to 19 who are considering careers in the Police, Military, Fire Service, Ambulance paramedics and Custom & Exercise had a choice of activities and chose Paintball to link in to the section of their course titled 'Leadership & Teamwork'.


Paintball from the Hip



Adventure Sports was chosen due to its locality to Stratford Upon Avon and also that Steve Wadley (F/T Lecturer  Pub Servs, Sport & Found Learning-L1) has been before with other groups for similar reasons.

The whole process from deciding that paintball was the activity, to getting permission from the college to collecting money and confirming the booking with us has taken everyone involved about 2 months.



Smoking Paintball Gun


They are here on a Friday morning which would normally be lecture time back at college so running around shooting each other and getting absolutely covered in mud and paint sounded better to them rather than sitting in a classroom!

Paintballers in a Window



Neutral Zone



Three Paintballers in a Window










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