Claymate update!

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Claymate update!

As you may well know, a few weeks ago, we introduced a new Clay Shooting system; 'Claymate', which gives you more flexibility to shoot, gives you cheaper rates and allows us to keep our sporting layout up to date. 

During the last few weeks, we have managed to sort out the inevitable teething problems which appeared at the very beginning of Claymate's introduction. We have listened to customers, held trial days and played around with the system ourselves in to find the best setup for both us and our guests...

The following information is based on our Sporting layout for both members and non-members;


If you are a license holder but not currently a member at Wedgnock shooting ground, you can purchase a 70 target, 100 target or Group card from our shoot office. 

You will have to pay a £5 deposit on any card you purchase (you can get this back by returning to the office at the end of your session).

You will get an extra 7% of targets on any card you purchase for 'no-birds'.

You will take the card with you to use on our Claymate system - it will count how many clays have been used and take them off your card.

Effectively, non-members will be paying £0.30 per clay.



Members will be given a special Gold membership card - you can purchase your Wedgnock shooting ground membership for £40, or £20 after August (expires in March).

You will be able to skip the queues, as you will not have to pay every time you come to shoot.

You can also have the option to preload - If you pre-pay £250, we will give you an additional 17% of targets (works out to be 1,170 targets instead of the 1,000 you would normally get for that price).

Members get a discounted rate - only £0.25 per clay (non-members pay £0.30 per clay).

Everyone who comes to shoot at Wedgnock Shooting ground will need a card to do so; whether you are a member or a non-member.  

With the introduction of our new Claymate system, both members and non-members can now have an enjoyable and cost-effective clay shooting session at our shooting ground in Warwickshire. 

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