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An unusual email enquiry came in yesterday that required a bit of local knowledge and creativity. The brief included:

We're looking for two days in April, with quad biking, geo-cache, clay shooting/archery with accommodation (ensuites essential!) and ideally finish the day with a campfire and bbq, then next day facility for a board meeting. Can you help?

Paintballers on the Floor

29 Students and 2 lecturers from Stratford upon Avon College have chosen today regardless of the cold, wind, sleet and rain to play paintball with us.

The Uniformed level 3 BTEC Public Service students ranging from 16 through to 19 who are considering careers in the Police, Military, Fire Service, Ambulance paramedics and Custom & Exercise had a choice of activities and chose Paintball to link in to the section of their course titled 'Leadership & Teamwork'.

You are faced with the challenge of organising a Paintball session. Maybe you're the best man looking to organise a stag do and entertain a group of mates before descending into town for a night of beer,  or perhaps you are the parent of a teenager who wants an exciting birthday party. No matter who the group is, the following information will give you some tips and advice about how to get the best Paintball session.

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