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5 ways corporate events help your business | Corporate Events Warwickshire

Here at Adventure Sports in Warwick we host a fantastic range of team building activities as well as corporate events and activity days for your company.

We’re on a mission to ban dull and boring corporate events! We entertain, teach and help build relationships amongst teams for all kinds of businesses. Our huge range of activities are designed to stretch the minds (and the legs) of your staff at our 100-acre Warwickshire venue.

Who wants to have a boring day out of the office when you can have a fun time with an undercurrent of productive learning?!

When team building activities are suggested it can lead to rolled eyes and excuses about not being able to leave the office. The image of a team of awkward accountants playing paintball in a muddy field has given team building a well-known wince in the workplace when it’s mentioned.

Corporate events involving problem solving and outdoor pursuits are not an unusual concept to most large businesses. When managed properly, team building works and helps your workforce function better (once the mud washes off!).

A one-off ‘ice breaker’ event evolved into an ongoing programme of mobile team building events, spread over three years and involving over 50 events.

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