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At Adventure Sports in Warwick, we offer a wide range of options when it comes to team building and corporate events. With added structure and evaluation we know that the businesses we work with get huge benefits from our fantastic course and events.

But what if you wanted something a little less formal and structured? What if you wanted to give your staff and employees the flexibility to choose what they do when they come to our adventure sports playground in Warwickshire?

Well recently we did just that…

Clay pigeon shooting has been a popular event here in Warwick for over 100 years. Originally invented as a way to refine the shooting skills of huntsman, clay pigeons are so-called because they replace the pigeon (as well as the grouse and pheasant) which were, and still are, shot for sport.

Clay pigeon shooting is a great sport for people aged 14 and over. It’s easy to get into and simple to learn. Here at Adventure Sports it’s a particularly popular activity for team building events and stag weekends.

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