4x4 Off Road Safari

4x4 Off Road Safari

4x4 Off Road Safari - Back of Discory in Mud

Probably the finest 4x4 driving experience available! The 4x4 Safari is a true off road driving challenge for a team. The terrain at Wedgnock Rifle Range in Warwick is ideal for putting Land Rovers to the test. We are not shy about using these capable vehicles through mud, water, ditches, hill climbs and undergrowth.

The aim of the safari is simple. We give you lots of training in off road driving technique and then give you a series of destinations to reach. The group decides which route to take and which vehicle goes first etc.

You do ALL of the driving - our instructors will always be on hand for safety, advice and technical help, but the main emphasis is that you as a team make all of the decisions!

4x4 Safaris are operated as full or half day sessions and operate all year round.

4x4 Safaris are suitable for groups of 4 to 12 people

Example Half-Day 4x4 Safari Format

9.00 am Guests arrive at Adventure Sports in Warwick. Coffee is served and the format for the day is explained. The group is divided into teams of three or four people before being taken out by instructors to the tuition course. At this stage the basics of off road driving will be covered and each participant will drive to ensure they are confident with their Landrover. Off Road Safari in Woodland - Land Rover Winch

10.00 am Teams decide which checkpoint they are going to start with - an easy 'low point scorer' is usually a good place to begin. Map, compass and grid references are used to locate the position. A route must then be planned and driven whilst checking for hazards such as impenetrable undergrowth, axle grabbing mud and overhanging trees!

10.30 am First check point reached and record card stamped to prove the team reached it. Tougher locations will earn the team greater points but it will take longer to get there - the teams decide their own tactics.

11.00 am With some careful planning (and a bit of guidance from the instructor) the team may well pass by the Clubhouse for a toilet break and to grab a well deserved coffee.

11.45 am It is not uncommon for a team to get a bit over ambitious in their route planning - the result is a truly stuck Land Rover. It is now time for the team to swallow their pride and call in help from another team vehicle (each team has a two way radio). A second vehicle will be able to provide the tow, winch, push or slide to get the team on their way.

1.00 pm Teams return to the Clubhouse, tired, muddy and full of achievement! Scores will be compared, additional bonus points awarded for team work, sportsmanship and good humour and a bottle of champagne awarded to the winning team.

1.15 pm Guests depart or stay on for a well-deserved lunch.

4x4 Safari CostsBlue iscovery Racing through te Mud

Half Day Safari (Typically 4 hours)

A half-day 4x4 safari will cost £600 + VAT per vehicle. Each vehicle can accommodate up to four participants at a time. 

For example, a group of 12 people would need five vehicles making the total cost £1,800 + VAT.


Full Day Safari (Typically 8 Hours)

A full day safari will cost £800 + VAT per vehicle. Each vehicle can accommodate up to four participants at a time.

For example, a group of 10 people would need three vehicles making the total cost £2,400 + VAT + any catering.


Taking part in a 4x4 Safari can be physical. A bacon roll upon arrival (£4.30 / head) tends to be a good idea or go for a substantial lunch, such as Cottage pie with leek, cheese and potato mash (£8.50 / head). Many other catering options are available.

To discuss a 4x4 Safari event or to book in contact the office.