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Zorbing - £25 per person

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About ZorbingZorbing Ball on slope looking over Warwickshire

Zorbing is a new and exciting extreme sport that involves hurtling down our 300m purpose built hill in a 3m inflatable ball. There are two forms of zorbing, offering totally different experiences.

Harness Zorbing

A two person ride. Securely harnessed into the ball facing each other, you are launched down our Zorbing hill. Revolving head over heels, gaining speed with every revolution up to 35 kph, land and sky blend in to one!

The experience is an enormous adrenaline rush and totally unique. 

Hydro Zorbing

No harnesses, no spinning, no head over heels - just 40 litres of water! A cross between a waterslide and washing machine! No dizziness, just slipping and sliding at immense speed down the Zorbing run.

Watch a Hydro Zorb video from inside the ball.

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Watch Zorbing in Action

The following video shows how a Harness Zorbing session operates.


AvailabilityUpside Down Zorbing

For groups of between 12 and 20* guests, we can run a zorbing session seven days a week at virtually any time (we do however need daylight!).

The Zorbing season runs from Spring time though to the Autumn. We don't roll when it's too cold, too wet or too windy for safety reasons.

For less than 12 people, we can book you in to an 'open session'. These run most weekends at regular time slots:

  • 11.00 - 12.30 pm
  •  1.00 - 2.30 pm

All zorbing sessions are booked in advance – we don’t offer any “turn up and roll” sessions.

* If you have less than 12 people you can join in with other groups on an Open Session or you can pay for 12 rolls (£300) and we can run a session at virtually any time, seven days a week.

EquipmentZorbing Trailer

We use purpose made inflatable Zorb balls to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Harness Zorbing and Hydro Zorbing use a different design of ball as they are very different experiences. The slope has been carefully designed and sculpted to ensure an exciting and fast ride whilst keeping everyone safe (riders, spectators and us!).

The launch pad at the top of our Zorbing hill provides a secure area to climb inside the ball. When everyone is ready the launch gate is released, sending the 3 metre ball accelerating down the grass slope.

Who can take part?Zorbing Staff

Zorbing is great fun and can be enjoyed by most people, but there are some restrictions:

Age limits

Harness Zorbing – 12 years and over

Hydro Zorbing – 7 years and over

Those under 16 years old will need a letter of parental consent from their parent / guardian to say that they can participate. We also require at least two adults to accompany any under 16 years olds throughout the session.

Weight Limits

Zorbing Harness Fitting

Harness Zorbing –  15.75 stone (100kg) per person

Hydro Zorbing –  18.5 stone (120 kg) per person

Height Limit

Harness Zorbing – Minimum height 4 ½ ft (1.4m)

Hydro Zorbing – No restriction


Not suitable for people with heart conditions, high blood pressure, epilepsy, pregnancies, back conditions or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

All jewellery, glasses and loose objects must be removed.

For Hydro Zorbing a change of clothing and towel are essential. Changing facilities are available.


Harness ride – You will need 2 people per ride - cost £25 per person per down hill descent.

Hydro ride – You will need 2 to 3 people per ride – cost £25 per person per down hill descent. (Change of clothes essential!)

Orb Start Gate with Zorbing Sign

Book in a group of 11 people and get the 12 place free!

Extra rolls can be booked in advance or can usually be booked on the day for £36 for two people.

Group discounts available on request.

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