Mud & Mayhem Driving Event

Mud & Mayhem Driving Event £70 per person.


About Mud & Mayhem

An action packed three hour event designed for individuals and groups. On arrival guests will be divided into teams and will drive three different off road vehicles. Each group will spend about 50 minutes at each activity to ensure each participant has a good turn and to allow scores to be awarded (the winning team will get a bottle of champagne or a crate of beer!). The final combination of activities is decided by us to reflect weather conditions and group size but participants can certainly express their preferences in advance.




Three of the following activities will be incorporated into the Mud & Mayhem session:



Powerturn Mayhem Vehicle

PowerTurns are two-seater twin-engined karts capable of amazing tricks! Forget steering wheels and pedals; two people drive the kart, each has a hand throttle controlling one engine meaning the kart will spin on the spot, do donuts and pull wheelies at 30 mph going round corners! PowerTurns are perfect for team building and corporate entertainment because in pairs, you’ll need communication and cooperation – unless of course you want to spend the day spinning out of control! 



Hovercraft power slide


Learn to pilot this unique vehicle. Receive full tuition on how to fly our hovercraft before progressing to a larger course to put the machine through its paces, experiencing the excitement of power sliding around the corners at high speed!






Quad Bike Circuit, Adventure Sports Warwick

Quad Bikes


Drive 250cc Honda Fourtrak quads around a challenging off-road course incorporating banks, slaloms and tight corners. Scores are awarded based on the driver skill and ability.




Reverse Steer Driving

Reverse Steer Snooker, Mud & Mayhem Activity

This converted Jeep provides one of the funniest activities you’ll ever experience! Turn the steering wheel one way and the vehicle goes the other. Throw in a blindfold and the results are hilarious!




4x4 Off Road Driving

4x4 on Off Road Course

Each guest will be given expert tuition on how to drive and control a Land Rover around a challenging course that incorporates steep hills, gravity defying inclines and lots of mud.




Argo Cat 6x6

Argo Cat 6x6 Off Road Vehicle

An Argo Cat is a six wheel drive amphibious all terrain vehicle designed to go anywhere. Effectively, it drives like a tank. The course weaves through woodland, hills, mud and water.




Rally Karts

Rally Karts, Mud & Mayhem Activity

Power around the twists and turns of a 500 metre long gravel track racing powerful 930cc, two seater, rally karts against the clock.

Cost & Availability

The Mud & Mayhem package costs £70 per person.

Sessions are run on set weekends throughout the year. Private groups of six or more guests can also be arranged on any midweek day. Evenings are available during the summer months.

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