Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons

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Wedgnock Shooting Ground offers a range of shooting lessons to introduce and develop the skills required to successfully, and consistently, shoot clays or game.

Many game shooters wish to polish up their skills before the start of the shooting season on our Towers.

We offer a huge variety of targets on our shooting layouts which include English Sporting, Sportrap, Skeet, DTL and Tower.

We have a comfortable clubhouse where you can relax with a tea or coffee in front of the wood burner. Most of our layouts have covered shooting stands in case of poor weather.

Various lessons are offered to cater for differing abilities and requirements: 

50 Shot Challenge SessionShooter in cage, Lesson Tuition

Ideal for those who would like to try clay pigeon shooting to see if they might take it up as a hobby. The lesson will last approximately 60 minutes and we provide all of the equipment (shotgun, cartridges, clay targets, hearing protection and eye protection) and full tuition.

Suitable for individuals or groups.

Cost £65 per person.

Anyone aged 14 years and over can have a go a clay pigeon shooting.

Book Online or contact the office for details or buy a Taster Session as a Gift Voucher.

Safety Introduction Lesson

If you are looking to take up clay shooting as a sport / hobby this lesson is a must. It will equip you with the safety information and knowledge that will give you the confidence to be able to shoot at a clay shooting ground. Lessons are suitable for between one and three people and last approximately two hours. Areas covered include:Gun in Shoulder Ready to Shoot - Lesson

  • Shooting ground safety principles
  • Gun handling
  • Shooting techniques
  • Explanation of disciplines (Skeet, DTL, Sporting and Sportrap)
  • Shooting ground etiquette
  • Shotgun licence requirements
  • Types of shotgun
  • Cartridge loads, shot size and chamber length

The lesson also includes 50 shots to put the theory into practice.

Successfully completing a Safety Intro lesson will allow a non-shotgun licence holder to participate in our Open Shoots at Wedgnock Shooting Ground, under the supervision of an approved regular shooter.


  • £90 for one person
  • £140 for two people
  • £200 for three people

Book Online, contact the office for details or buy a Safety Introduction Lesson as a Gift Voucher.


Clay Lesson on the Tower at Wedgnock

Suitable for shotgun-licence holders only. Tuition is invaluable for the following:

  • Shooters wishing to improve their success rate
  • Shooters who are having problems
  • Game shooters looking to get their eye in before the season on high bird
  • Diagnosing problems (gun fit, master eye problems, gun mount...)
  • Pattern plate

Cost: You pay for the instructor's time @ £50 per hour and pay for any clays or cartridges used.

Contact the office to book in.


We can shoot every Saturday morning (10.00 am – 1.00 pm) between 1st October and 1st March. For the rest of the year we cannot shoot on the first two Saturdays of each month.

Times are available midweek (Monday to Friday) from 10.00 am through to 5.30 pm. Midweek lessons can use normal cartridges between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm. Between 1.00 and 5.30 pm we can only use 21 gm ammunition on certain layouts (this also applies on Saturday mornings).