Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Line Coloured

Give Clay Pigeon Shooting a Try

If you would like to have a go at Clay Pigeon Shooting we offer two main sessions:

20 Shot Taster Session - £30 per person - for 3 + people. BOOK ONLINE

50 Shot Challenge - £65 per person. BOOK ONLINE

These sessions include full tuition and all the required equipment - you just need to come along in outdoor clothing.

Gift Vouchers for Clay Pigeon Shooting available

Shotgun Licence Holders

If you are a shotgun licence holder we run two 'Open Shoots' every week. Come along and shoot every Sunday (10.00 am - 1.00 pm) and every Tuesday evening (5.30 - 8.00 pm). Skeet, DTL, Ball Trap, Sportrap and English Sporting (Clay Snooker every Tuesday evening during the Winter). Full details.

Call the office for details  01926 491 948

Wedgnock Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground In Warwick, Warwickshire, UK

Wedgnock Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground

Wedgnock has operated as a shooting range for over 100 years and stands today as one of the Midlands largest and best attended clay pigeon shooting grounds. Our reputation is built on providing the shooter with a high quality shooting experience regardless of ability.

Wedgnock occupies 100 acres of Warwickshire countryside and has a tradition for providing the best Sporting layout in the area. Wedgnock Shooting Ground also offers 'English Skeet', 'Down The Line' and 'Sportrap'.

If you need more information about shooting clays have a look through our 'Guide to Clay Shooting' - there is lots of information which may be very useful!

Who Can Shoot?

Clay Shooting Broken Gun - Wedgnock

Anyone aged 14 years and over can have a go a Clay Pigeon shooting. We cater for individuals and groups who would like to have a go a clay shooting as well as shotgun licence holders.

Groups Who Would Like to Try Clay Shooting

Groups are always welcome at Wedgnock. Clay pigeon shooting is an ideal activity for corporate entertainment, private parties and inter-company challenges. Options for Groups.


Regular Clay Shooters

  • Shooters who are a bit rusty or are struggling with a specific target can book in for a lesson with one of our CPSA qualified senior instructors. Lesson Options.


Novices Looking to Start Clay Shooting

  • Novices are welcome to give Clay Shooting a try with a 50 Shot Lesson.
  • Those looking to take up clay shooting are encouraged to take part in a Safety Introductory Lesson to be confident in areas of safety, gun handling, shoot etiquette, clay disciplines and shooting technique.


Not Sure What to Do?

There are so many options for Clay Pigeon Shooting at Wedgnock. If you need a bit of guidance please contact the office:

  • Through the Website
  • Send us an Email
  • Call the office: 01926 491948

Alternatively if you would like to combine clay shooting with other activities have a look at our Mixed Activity Events